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Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Los Angeles Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Attorneys

i-quidproquoQuid pro quo sexual harassment exists where a supervisor’s requests for sexual favors are linked to the grant or denial of job benefits, such as receiving or keeping a job, receiving a favorable performance review, receiving a promotion or a pay raise. In this type of employment claim, a supervisor is using their actual or apparent authority to extort sexual favors from a subordinate employee. The supervisor’s request for sexual favors in return for job benefits does not need to be direct or explicit. A typical example is where a supervisor makes a sexual advance and the promise of employment benefits is inferred and not directly stated. When a supervisor engages in such behavior, the employer is vicariously liable even if the employer was not aware and had no reason to be aware of the supervisor’s behavior. Unlike a hostile environment claim, a single incident of an unwelcome sexual advance by a supervisor that is tied to receiving or maintaining job benefits may be sufficient to support a claim. The employer is strictly liable for a supervisor’s quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Although most quid pro quo sexual advances involve a male supervisor and a female subordinate, the law recognizes that a female supervisor may sexually harass her male subordinate and also prohibits same-sex harassment.

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