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To protect the privacy of our clients, most of the testimonials below are anonymously posted.  In some instances, a confidentiality agreement may exist that bars identification.


Above and Beyond

“Josh and his team went above and beyond to fight for me against my former employer.  I was given the chance to be heard and I felt the results obtained was only possible because of them.  I appreciate having found this special group and would recommend them without hesitation to anyone seeking a forceful law firm to vindicate their rights.”

Confidential Client

Truly the Best

“I would like to thank Josh, Laleh and Hector for everything they have done for me.  After a single day mediation, my case settled for far more than I would have ever imagined.  I highly recommend T. Joshua Ritz & Associates to anyone seeking a legal team that combines care with incredible skills.  They are truly the best!”

Confidential Client

Beyond My Imagination

“I was immediately greeted by a caring staff the moment I arrived at T. Joshua Ritz & Associates.  They were also very detail oriented, carefully explained to me the process and always kept me informed.  It was the first time in a long time that I did not feel powerless and invisible.   Josh and his team worked quickly and before I knew it, we were negotiating an outcome I would have never imagined receiving.”

Confidential Client


Highly Recommended

“I highly recommend T. Joshua Ritz & Associates.  Hector and Claudia took down the facts of my case with great empathy and careful attention to detail.  From that moment, I felt like I found the right place and I was in the right hands.  Several law firms had rejected my case and I was not comfortable with how I was treated by several others.  But Josh and his team took care of me by taking on my case and from that moment on my life began to improve.  This is definitely the right firm to call if you believe you have been wronged and you need a forceful group to obtain justice for you.”

Confidential Client

Incredibly Supportive and Kind

“This is a really professional crew.  The entire process was carefully explained to me and I was always kept in the loop.  Everyone was also incredibly supportive and kind to me.  Josh and Laleh always returned my calls immediately and always immediately responded to my emails.  They both answered my questions carefully and were always very honest with me.  I was extremely impressed with their writing skills, knowledge of the law and their overall abilities.  I am very happy with their representation and how my case was handled.  I highly recommend T. Joshua Ritz & Associates and now look to Josh, Laleh and their staff as friends who came to my rescue when I was at my lowest point and needed a hero.  They were my heroes.  Thank you for all that you have done for me!”

Confidential Client

On My Side

“I never planned on suing my former employer because I was misled to believe it was all my fault.  I have never previously hired an attorney for anything.  Hector and Ani made me feel at home right away.  They were knowledgeable, caring and patient.  It was the first time like I felt someone was on my side and I might benefit from some legal protections.  I was never looking for a get rich plan.  I just wanted my employer to follow the law.  T. Joshua Ritz & Associates made sure they did.  I felt like a great burden had been lifted from me and I felt vindicated by their representation.  I highly recommend T. Joshua Ritz & Associates to anyone who wants to be represented by professionals who care and know what they are doing.  I was overly impressed by everyone, but Josh in particular left me feeling like I was in the right hands and I could rest easy at night because of it.  Thank you Josh, Laleh, Hector and Ani for all that you have done for me and my family!”

Confidential Client

I Could Not Be Happier

“I highly recommend T. Joshua Ritz & Associates.  They know what they are doing on behalf of employees.  My case was handled quickly and I could tell everyone was working ridiculously hard for me.  They asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers.  I was extremely impressed with how Josh quickly understood my situation and developed a plan for getting me justice.  I could not be happier with this firm and I already recommended them to a family member facing their own employer problem.”    

Confidential Client

Professional and Kind

“T. Joshua Ritz & Associates represented me in an employment case. My case was handled very professionally and everyone was truly kind to me.  I was listened to and believed.  I was incredibly pleased with the outcome of my case.  I highly recommend this firm and believe they are one of the best employment law firms in Southern California!”

Confidential Client

Older Testimonials

Hostile Working Environment Client

“Excellent attorney with a great team. I am presently being represented by Mr. Ritz for working in a hostile working environment. He and his team, through their knowledge and expertise in the law, have made me feel secure as we work through this process. I would highly recommend anyone seeking legal counsel to speak with Mr. Ritz.”


Excellent Representation

“Excellent representation. I felt proud to call Josh Ritz my attorney and his knowledge and experience comforted me. It was apparent to me that Josh and his team cared about the outcome of my case as much as I did. I highly recommend him and will always speak highly of Josh and his team for years to come.”


Sexual Harassment Client

“T. Joshua Ritz and his staff are excellent! My case was settled within lightening speed. I contacted the offices of Mr. Ritz in early December 2013 and my case settled in February 2014. His staff kept me informed on my case and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone going through legal issues. Thanks for your help Joshua. I really appreciate it. It’s hard to come by people like you. Sometimes there are obstacles in life that are hard to get through and your unsure how your going to get through them. Joshua got me through them, and he can HELP you too. Turned my life around. Thank you.”


Wrongfully Denied Promotion Client

“I am extremely pleased with the service received from Mr. Ritz and his staff. They were highly responsive, and sensitive to my particular issues. He explained to me in detail what was happening with every step in my case, and was patient and kind when that was warranted. He came highly recommended to me by a friend, and I have since recommended him to others. He made an uncomfortable and difficult situation less so, and I am greatly appreciative of his efforts in my case.”


Wrongfully Demoted Client

“I spoke with three labor law attorneys before deciding on Mr. Ritz. Mr. Ritz is smart, thorough, articulate and most of all caring. Phone calls are returned immediately. He is outstanding in depositions and will fight for you in mediations. I have already recommended several of my friends to Mr. Ritz.”


Nothing Short Of Incredible

“Mr. Ritz and his staff have been nothing short of incredible. When I originally contacted Mr. Ritz’s law firm, I was devastated after being wrongfully terminated from a company after sixteen years of dedicated service. Upon retaining Mr. Ritz, I felt immediate solace; I simply knew I was in the hands of an expert. Mr. Ritz is a skilled attorney and true gentleman, with the utmost integrity who has been consistently sensitive to my situation, advising me with clear and concise information every step of the way. My case turned out to be more complex than originally planned. Still, Mr. Ritz has been relentless in the pursuit of justice for me. Readily available for questions and immediate ly responsive, Mr. Ritz and his staff always make me feel like his entire law firm is devoted only to my case. I would recommend Mr. Ritz to my family and close friends without any reservation.”


Brilliant Wrongful Death Attorney

“Mr. Ritz represented my interests about 8 years ago. I have since recommended many friends and family members to him. My case concerned the wrongful death of my mother. A previous attorney was handling my case and I was dissatisfied. I then hired Mr. Ritz and my representation changed dramatically for the better. Mr. Ritz spent the time speaking to me about the case, moved quickly to prosecute my claims and achieved a significant outcome in honor of my mother. While Mr. Ritz was kind and patient in his interactions with me, he was an absolute warrior when it came to asserting my claims. I could not have been more satisfied with his work on my behalf and the integrity he brings to the legal profession.”


Best Wrongful Termination Attorney

“Mr. Ritz was an aggressive advocate for me. He worked tirelessly for me, which led to a quick settlement. He and his staff were very responsive to my calls. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Mr. Ritz to anyone interested in a caring and extremely effective lawyer. I have worked with lawyers in the past and I was surprised at how approachable Mr. Ritz was, while at the same having a very sophisticated understanding of the law.”


Great Attorney

“I retained Mr. Ritz to help me with a tenant/landlord problem. I found him to be thorough, smart, caring and confident, all great qualities in a lawyer. He settled my dispute and got me desired results. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend him to anyone who needs a trusted lawyer.”


Wrongfully Terminated Client

“The situation was very new to me and Josh Ritz kept me very informed and was an extremely aggressive advocate from beginning to the end. Josh was very responsive to my calls and emails while always being very patient and caring. He is an outstanding lawyer that I would readily recommend to all my friends and colleagues.”


Sexually Harassed Client

“I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my case. Josh and his firm are most skillful and caring, knowledgeable, efficient and assertive. My emails and phone calls were promptly answered, consistently. My questions and concerns were addressed with care, keeping me informed and up to date on specifics. Josh is an excellent listener, communicator, and advocate. I highly recommend Josh Ritz.”