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Corporate executive breach of employment contract.
Injured worker was retaliated against, denied leave rights and wrongly demoted.
Disabled employee was denied accommodation, placed on leave without pay and then eventually terminated.
Secured a pre-judgment writ of attachment against three borrowers who had borrowed money from a client. Obtaining a pre-judgment writ of attachment is rare; the attachment of assets led to repayment of most of the debt.
Wage and hour violations with approximate 300 employees.
To our knowledge, this is one of the largest out-of-court settlements for a burn injury caused by the accidental spilling of a hot liquid.
Female employee was sexually harassed and then denied promotion.
A young child accidentally ran through an unglazed glass door causing partial nerve damage and major scarring.
Female employee working one month at a chain restaurant was improperly accosted by her manager.
Racial slur directed at corporate executive during informal meeting. Case settled before filing and client remained employed.
Improper rounding of hours. Recovery for security personnel.
Small group of newspaper deliverers were misclassified as independent contractors and charged improper expenses.
Secured a pre-judgment writ of attachment against a business partner who misled the client about the allocation of funds intended for their joint venture.
Meal break violations. Recovery for non-exempt restaurant personnel.
Client was sexually harassed for two years and was forced to quit.
Single inappropriate touching of patient’s posterior.
Judgment Against Zavala Family, Inc. for Wage and Hour Violations. Attorney Billable Rate Upheld at $1,100 Per Hour.
Single incident, brief exchange involving inappropriate comments by co-worker. No lost wages.
Elderly woman suffered a broken leg at a nursing home. After taking over the case from the client’s previous attorney, within weeks our attorneys secured compensation for our client.
The claimant suffered some loss of his sense of taste after taking a popular over-the-counter medication. Following our referral to a fellow colleague, the client received one of the largest out-of-court settlements for injury resulting from use of this product.
During a “company retreat,” heavy drinking and a party-atmosphere led to sexually charged comments and behavior towards the client.
Our client worked as an administrative manager within a law enforcement agency. Her superior acted inappropriately towards her.
Claimant was the victim of a defective cochlear implant. She had no economic damages and the replacement of her implant was successful. This is a sizable settlement given the lack of economic damages and the absence of long-term harm.
Five ex-employees were owed unpaid wages plus interest and penalties.
Employee was demoted following complaints that his employer was violating the law. While the economic impact of the demotion was small, we convinced the defendant that a jury would sympathize with our client and award him emotional injury damages. The client wanted to avoid a jury trial against his current employer that would have involved forcing his co-workers to testify on his behalf.
1 For client privacy, we have omitted names and case numbers.
2 These results are not a guarantee of any future outcome. Every case is unique and depends on the outcome of many variables.
3 This is the total structured settlement value.
4 This is the total structured settlement value.