Dog Bite

Dedicated Animal Attack Claims Lawyer

i-dogbiteTens of thousands of people are injured each year by dog bites. This type of injury is so common that the laws and regulations surrounding these lawsuits have become very clear. If you have suffered a dog bite while in a public place or as the guest of a business or residence, the owner of the dog will be liable to you for your injuries. The owner of the dog will be liable even if the animal has never previously demonstrated any aggressiveness. If you or your child is a victim of a dog or other animal bite, the owner should be held accountable and you should not hesitate to consult with a Los Angeles dog bite injury attorney (even if you believe you or your child’s behavior contributed to the animal’s attack).

Most often, children suffer the worst dog attacks. They are drawn to the animal, and the sheer size difference between the dog and child can create a wide range of injuries. Children can suffer serious injuries, scarring and potential infections. If you or your child have suffered a significant dog bite injury, contact our firm right away.

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