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Whistleblower Law

Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney

Your employer cannot retaliate if you report fraud or other illegal conduct. Your employer cannot retaliate if you refuse to violate the law.

i-whistleblowerlawHave you recently been asked to do something that you believe is illegal?  For example, have you been asked to fire a female employee because the boss thinks she is not pretty enough?  Or have you recently told an outside body that your employer is engaged in fraud?  Has your reporting of illegal conduct or refusal to engage in illegal conduct cost you your job or promotion or otherwise led to retaliation.  If so, you may have a whistleblower claim.  Our Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys have experience prosecuting whistleblower claims.  You should contact us right away for a free consultation.

According to federal and state whistleblower laws, your employer cannot retaliate against you for doing the right thing when you report fraud or other illegal activity. For example, the California false claims act and Federal qui tam laws are in place to protect workers who file a legal grievance when they see their employer commit negligence or fraud while fulfilling a government contract.   California also has its own series of whistleblower laws including Labor Section 1102.5.  All of the whistleblower laws are designed to protect employees who report illegal or fraudulent conduct in the workplace.  And California’s provisions also protect employees who refuse to participate in the illegal conduct or order.  An employee who refuses to do something illegal and then suffers adverse consequences will typically have a claim.

If you are suffering retaliation, such as harassment or a hostile work environment, after reporting misconduct by your employer, you have a right to seek compensation. As a dedicated Sherman Oaks employee rights lawyer, Mr. Ritz has extensive litigation experience handling complex cases in the California and federal courts. Mr. Ritz will apply his over 30 years of experience plus the dedication he applies to every case to help protect your rights.

Whether you are considering reporting fraud on a government contract or other forms of misconduct by your employer or have already done so and are concerned about how your career may suffer, Mr. Ritz is ready to help. Contact us by sending us an email through this website or calling us at 818.788.1123.